Frequently asked questions:


There are no similar couples and parties, each couple is individual! That is why it is very important for me to get acquainted with you closer in advance, so that I could create your unique story! If you live in a different country or city we can communicate online.



If a couple is ready to reserve a date, we can with great pleasure  arrange a date of meeting for discussing all the details and peculiarities of wedding preparation. I’ll help you to choose the best Dream time, to choose the location for the walk and I’ll share with you the interesting moments from the weddings.

After signing a contract, a couple prepays 30 percentage of the selected service package. The remaining balance must be paid on the day of wedding.

How a photo shooting is hold?

 I like sincere, natural and spiritual photos full of live smiles and emotions! We are planning the route and the location of the photo session together. In case of force major (such as rain, storm, snowstorm) we choose a studio or any other location in accordance to the style of your wedding. 

During the shooting I use a mix of different photographic styles such as report, staged photo and sometimes fashion. It happens!

Why do we need a Love story photo session?

  I highly recommend all the couples to make a Love story photo session. It helps you to begin 

feeling easy in front of the camera and at the same time it helps us to get acquainted with each other. I will tell you and demonstrate how to look awesome on the wedding day and will share other secrets with you. One more advantage of а Love story photo session is that you’ll get a beautiful photo story which can be shown to the guests in the format of slide show. It can be presented to your parents, grandparents or other people who are dear to you in the format of photo-book or invitation etc.

Photo processing

The whole wedding day (12 hours) usually gives us approximately 5000 photos.  All the photos pass the selection (what is the most important thing), color correction retouch and as a result you get 800 photos. I also prepare a series of the best moments of the day (50-100 photos) and create photo books for you.

Retouch – is skin cleaning, removal of unnecessary defects, lightening of some skin areas и deliberate darkening of the other areas.

Color correction – changing the color of the original.

Cropping – is the clipping of parts of an image in order to focus or improve the layout.

Which format do you get your photos in?

You get two folders: one folder contains the photos in the original size, the second one - the photos prepared for web-publication. We do not give you the photos in the RAW-format.

How long to wait for?

The timing of the work can be varied depending on the chosen package and seasonal occupancy from 4 weeks to 3 months. As a bonus you get 10-20 photos as the announcement of the wedding photo-session during the first week.

Wedding price 2023


Up to 4 hours of photo shooting;

150+photos on a USB – drive;

color correction of all the photos;

10 photos as an announcement of the wedding photo session during the first week;

access to a  private online – gallery for 6 months.






Up to 8 hours of photo shooting;

300+ photos on a USB-drive;

color correction of all the photos;

20 photos as the announcement of the wedding photo session  during the first week; 

access to a private online – gallery  for 6 months;

10 photos printed;

20% discount on a Love story photo session




Up to 12 hours of photo shooting;

2 photographers;

800+photos on a USB-drive;

color correction of all the photos; 20 photos as the announcement of the wedding photo session on the next day;

access to a private online-gallery for 6 months;

20 photos printed;

Pre-wedding Love story photo session;