Dear friends! I’m very glad to get words of gratitude from You for my work!

You are my inspiration! It is thanks to you that I know exactly, that I do not do my work in vain.

Thank you for trusting me!


I admire your devotion to your work and admire your constant development. Your attentiveness to details, choice of image, decoration and location – that is what I can rely on you for. It’s very important for me to feel easy and relaxed while working with a photographer. You can easily help «the unexperienced» to loosen up, because you know that each person is perfect when he or she is relaxed and he is just himself. Thank you for all the saved emotions and such stylish photos!

Alexander and Yelena

Ludmila was recommended to me by a photographer whose works I know and like but who didn’t have free time in his schedule on the exact date and time, so he gave me Ludmila’s contacts. I was pleasantly impressed by Ludmila during our first meeting. We discussed all the necessary details of a photo shooting including the accessories, style and location. Ludmila gave us a suggestion on how to think over our future photos up to the slightest detail, so that the photos would be as good as possible. And now we are very pleased by the photos we got, each photo is almost a masterpiece. We like Ludmila’s Family photo sessions and Love stories very much. We are going to use Ludmila’s services in the future and recommend her to others. Ludmila, thank you so much for your talent!

Maxim, Alina and Veronichka

Luda – you are an incredible comfortable person!

Thank you for such a light photo session! Everything was so easily and naturally done! It felt like we were just walking in a pleasant company, and after that we even got the photos we could just dream about! Everything was so thoroughly explained, organized and thought over by Luda!

She’s the photographer whom we definitely recommend!


I’m incredibly pleased to work with such a person who is a professional in his field! The photos are super! I’m very thankful to her, those photos are for a lifetime memory! I recommend everyone to experience what I experienced while working with Ludochka!


Ludochka, you are a fairy! You made my dream come true! I’ve always dreamt of an American-style photo shooting. The photos you’ve made resemble the scenes from the Hollywood films)) Super! Thank you so much.

Oxana and Bogdan

Ludochka, thank you so much for the remarkable photos as well as for the remarkably organized and held photo session. Everything was perfect, working with you is pleasantly easy and funny. I didn’t notice how the time of the photo session had flown. The photos are light, natural and sincere. Thank you for your understanding and insightful look!

We only have pleasant emotions and sweet memories. Wish you further creative success and inspiration.

Anastasiya, Elizabeth and Misha

Luda is a fairy! The Christmas photos are incredibly beautiful and atmospheric. I liked her approach to the children, who can’t always stay focused and don’t always understand what is needed from them. There wasn’t such a  problem with Luda at all: the children were all ears, they didn’t feel any  discomfort or shyness in front of the camera. And by the way the children even got sweet presents. We are very pleased not by the photos only but also by the process itself. I recommend her and I'm sure you won't regret it)

The Jusupovs, Sasha and Yuliya

We love Luda very much, she is super!!! She is very attentive to the details, always helps to choose the style, consults on choosing the attributes. Luda provided our baby shower photo session, then our pregnancy photo session, then on our baby’s 1 year birthday and the last one was when we were flying on a balloon…Each photo session gave us awesome photos. We don’t have to take time for explaining what we want, she knows everything herself already. This is why it’s so cool to have such a family photographer! And we have a photo session planned and I’m sure everything is going to be excellent as usual! In short, the Jusupovs recommend! Ludochka you are the best!


Luda, thank you for your work). The photos are very good! And all the theme shootings I took part in, each detail was thought over. That’s awesome! I’m glad to deal with you!) I recommend you to everybody!)

Anna Pisatkova – makeup person


Thank you so much for the photos!!! So many emotions!!! The photos are super, each one of them) They overcame our expectations. It was so easy to get on with you and so pleasant to spend time with you. We wish you further prosperity and creative success!!!

The Dukmasovs,

Yekaterina and Dmitriy

Dear Luda! Thank you so much for a wonderful phoho session, Everything was relaxing и interesting! Working with you was pleasant and comfortable. It’s pleasant to see a person loving his work and working for the result. It was a fairy, romantic and touching photo session!



It is for many days that we are seating and looking through the photos over and over again…reliving my husband’s jubilee… Frankly speaking I have no words, there are emotions only. I feel such a delight! I’m extremely grateful! You managed to notice the sincerest moments, to catch the brightest moments in your camera and to chose the most interesting angles.

The photos are positive, full of energy and really alive! Thank You for your talent and competence! Ludmila, you are not just a good photographer. You are a pleasant person also whom it is extremely comfortable to be with. We liked everything and it thanks to you that we have such good and sweet memories about the party!!! We are very glad that we have chosen You as photographer! We hope to meet you again at many other parties of life. We recommend everyone to get such emotions!!!!))

The Homas, Yekaterina and Ivan

Oh, Luda! I thank you for your photos! Even if it’s the first time you take photos of a particular, person you are able to find an approach! I like the way you explain what to do at the moment or what is not good and needed to be taken away))) Thank you for the wonderful photo sessions! You are a great photographer. I recommend you to everybody!


Ludochka, thank you for your wonderful work! Really wonderful!) You create beauty around us and for us. The shooting is always a breathtaking process both for us and for your models. But your attitude and kind energy helps to relax and   get pleasure from the process and it’s results. Thank you that you captured our family day at your wonderful photos. We would like to continue sharing our best moments of life with you in the future!

Kolya and Yuliya

I liked absolutely everything: her super attention, capacity to ingratiate herself to people before meeting, through phone talk only. Her approach is absolutely fairy. No matter whatever the weather is – rain, snow, cold.. No matter who is around or what is going on, you’re just melting in joint work with Luda. That matters. She is such a cool assistant who is able to make someone laugh and can help to show a cool emotion at the photo. Thank you for the wonderful photo shoot, for miraculous mood, cool photos) And see you soon!



Luda, thank you very much for the photo session! Though Lisa had fever in the morning (above 39 degrees), it was Sasha’s daytime sleep and we were half an hour minutes late but we did it! And  the wonderful photos which got many likes and compliments are the best proof!!! I can highly recommend You to everybody as a Professional!!! And I would also like to thank Ira and Vika for their mastery!!! That day was a really unforgettable party!!! See you soon!



It was a year ago that me and my husband got married…It was  March 1, 2015! We had waited for that joyful day for a long time! That’s why it was important for us to take everything into account  and not to get  disappointed..! I didn’t have any experience neither in marriage arranging nor in communicating with photographers. I think myself to be lucky to have Luda as one of the photographers. She helped us to get tuned into a photo shooting, she noticed the interesting angles, gave many tips and directed

 the process as a whole. It was easy to notice, that she is constantly studying and her knowledge meet the requirements of the modern character of a wedding photo. We got very tired during the wedding and there was a period when we  couldn’t even think about the photos. So what a pleasure it was for us to get the photos in time and to see the results of her work! I would like to mention that there is    invisible specificity in her work and it’s light, tender, romantic inspiring and fairy! I got much content from our collaboration with Ludmila. It was the first but not the last time of collaboration with her, I know that.

Irina and Vladimir

Dear Luda! You are an incredible photographer and stylist at the same time!!! You have a combination of taste, quality and approach which overcomes all expectations!!!! Despite the bad weather, your approach in the extreme situations impresses me so much! The photos are extraordinary!!! Thank you for your attention and tenderness! Wish you unstoppable creative growing!!!